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Campion is consistently in the top 5% of schools nationally for the progress of our pupils.



 Campion is a school that aims to develop the whole person. We work tirelessly to ensure that our students get the best possible examination results. However, our school also wants to develop individual minds, ensure emotional security, promote social responsibility and prepare students for adult life. Our curriculum balances both academic, personal and social content and emotional development and intellectual achievement. Many of our students benefit from enrichment experiences to inspire them. We aim to make the Campion experience exciting, enjoyable, and emotionally secure and spiritually uplifting for all.


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 Another record year for examination results at Campion

The overall performance of our Year 11 in the 2013 cohort was equal to our all time record for Campion. 58% of the year group gained at least 5A*-C grades including English and maths, compared to 52% in 2011 and 40% in 2010. 97% of the year group gained at least five A*-C grades.

Year 13 pupils also produced record breaking results with the 2013 figures smashing the national averages from the year before in all three major measures. To read more about our fast rising exam results then please click here.



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Booster Timetables for Years 11 and Post-16

To download the booster timetable for Year 11 click here.

To download the booster timetable for Post-16 click here.


Make sure that bikes are securely locked in the rack or bike shed

Please remind your child that they should always lock their bicycles in the racks or bike shed provided by the school. The bike shed is locked during the school day, but is open at other times. Some children are leaving their bikes without locking them some have gone missing.

Campion's Green Eco Schools' Award is renewed

Campion has had its Green Flag award renewed following an inspection on Thursday 11th April. We are still one of the few schools in the West Midlands that have been awarded the coveted Green Eco Flag award. Campion has its own nature reserve, ABC Recycling Group, horticulture centre and allotments. Pupils in years 7, 8 and 9 get  chance to help improve their environment through getting involved in one of our key eco projects. These projects include Healthy Lifestyles, Managing the Nature Reserve and working at local primary schools helping mentor younger children with looking after their school gardens.


Campion installs solar panels to help save energy and the environment

Campion has recently installed solar panels on the roof of one of our buildings to help save energy and to help reduce the amount of carbon dioxide being released into the atmosphere. Since the panels were installed they have already generated 2241 kW of energy and save 1277 kg of carbon dioxide from being released. There is a panel in the Technology block where pupils can see the real time data of how much electricity is being generated at any time and the cumulative totals. This information is being collected by the eco-group and used in science lessons. The solar panels were part of a project by the school's eco-group working along side Building Arts, who have also worked together on other projects around the school to improve the green footprint of the school.


Measles, Don't Let Your Child Catch It

Warwickshire Public Health wants to remind all parents of children and young people under 18 who have not been immunised against measles to do so because incidence of the disease is rising.
The NHS has produced a leaflet for parents ‘Measles. Don’t let your child catch it’ which outlines the risk this disease poses and answers a number of questions about the MMR vaccine and how effective it is in preventing infection. This leaflet is available online at the link:

Public Health has asked for your school’s support to ensure this information reaches parents of children on roll to make them aware of the danger of measles and the importance of immunisation.

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Apr 10

Art Coursework Deadline

The Art coursework and examination preparation deadline will be 2nd May 2014. Please ensure your child makes full use of the Easter break and stays after school the first week back. Ms Bowen will be in school on Friday 25th April for her Art group from 10am - 3:20pm

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Apr 3

AmnesTea at Campion

Campion school held an AmnesTea after school in order to raise awareness of human rights abuses around the world. The group created a relaxed and friendly environment encouraging pupils, teachers and members of the community to feel comfortable to talk about human rights issues around the world.  

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