School Uniform



At Campion there is an agreed dress code. This was drawn up by students, staff, parents and governors. The code covers not only uniform but also the wearing of jewellery, make up and outdoor clothing. The purpose of the dress code is to allow students to arrive at school dressed safely and to feel secure in their appearance and therefore able to concentrate on achieving their maximum potential in all their lessons. We believe that the dress code is sensible and relatively inexpensive and therefore we consider that all students from Year 7 to Year 11 must arrive at school suitably dressed; we are sure that parents will support us on this. Any unreasonable excesses of appearance may lead to a student being temporarily removed from a lesson or possibly being sent home until the situation is resolved. Tutors are asked to check standards of dress regularly.

Make up is not appropriate in the school environment and lipstick, eye make up and nail varnish should not be worn. permitted. Religious exceptions should be discussed with the Headteacher. Any inappropriate jewellery worn will be confiscated and put in the school safe.

The School has guidelines about the wearing of jewellery. Students should only wear earrings, one stud per ear. Bracelets, necklaces, rings, nose-studs and other piercings are not

All students are expected to remove outdoor clothes such as coats and scarves when entering classrooms and the refectory, and hats, including baseball caps, should not be worn inside the school building.

The uniform shop in school is now closed and our uniform can be purchased from Chez Rama on Brunswick Street.